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Apple could release a 31.6-inch 6K external display this year –

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Apple plans to release the Pro Display XDR this fall alongside the new Mac Pro, and a release date could come in September based on more specific launch date wording that was accidentally shared.

This means that the display is technically less sharp than the older UltraFine displays or the 5K iMac, but it still looks good to my 37-year-old eyes. might be best off waiting for Apple’s.

Apple may unveil a 16-inch MacBook Pro and 31-inch 6K monitor this year.. he told 9to5Mac that Apple will release a 16. Kuo also believes that Apple will release a 31.6-inch 6K display with.

As usual, expect to see Apple reveal the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 13. Just like last year’s release, iOS 13 is expected. So far, rumors suggest that we’ll get a look at a.

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report about future Apple products – 9to5mac obtained the report. The company could be working on a new 31.6-inch external display with a 6K resolution that could work particularly well with the Mac Pro. New iPad and MacBook Pro models with better displays are also in the works.

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This fits last year’s news that Apple was aiming for a 2019 release of a wholly. its own brand of external monitor (going by the codename J290) that will pack hdr support, per Bloomberg. Other.

In a research note picked up by MacRumors, well-respected apple analyst ming-chi kuo writes that the company could be releasing a 16-inch MacBook Pro, as well as a 31.6-inch 6K display in 2019.

This is according to some rumors that it will take the opportunity to tout a luxurious new 31.6 inch 6K display as part of a tease for the revamped Mac Pro. Apple’s return to display tech could be.

TF securities’ ming-chi kuo has released a report which lays out Apple’s product interest in mini-LED technology. Kuo says that Apple will launch a 31.6-inch (6K resolution) external display in the.

The full version of Kuo’s note for TF International Securities is out and has more details about Apple’s 31.6-inch display. Contrary to what DigiTimes had claimed, Kuo says that Apple will be launching a 31.6-inch standalone display later this year and not an iMac. Continue reading Powered by WPeMatico