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shrapnel gaped: baffle discouraging

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frustrate, thwart, foil, baffle, balk mean to check or defeat another’s plan or block achievement of a goal. frustrate implies making vain or ineffectual all efforts however vigorous or persistent. thwart suggests frustration or checking by crossing or opposing. foil implies checking or defeating so as to discourage further effort.

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Embodiments described herein include systems and methods for safely transporting and disposing of airbag inflators. For example, a container is provided that can hold multiple airbag inflators and withstand inflator explosion resulting in failure of the metal inflator housing. The container can contain the inflator and any shrapnel associated with the explosion while also venting gases.

discourage low-flying attackers. The Dana remained in London for 24 days. During that time, the Liberty’s gunners went to general quarters 14 times during air attacks on the port. The ship was not hit, but the crew reported several near misses as German bombs fell into the surrounding waterfront area. The Dana sailed again on February 26, 1944.

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Embodiments described herein include specialized barrel containers and methods for using the containers to safely transport and dispose of airbag inflators having ammonium-nitrate-based propellant. For example, a container is provided that can hold multiple airbag inflators and withstand up to 4 moles of matter being deployed from an inflator having ammonium-nitrate-based propellant.

florida-ted The florida auditor general, Sherrill F. Norman, CPA. In Florida, the Auditor General is a constitutional officer appointed by the Legislative Auditing Committee and confirmed by both houses of the Legislature.

shrapnel gaped: baffle discouraging US9709370B1 – Transporting and disposing of recalled airbag. – Shrapnel traveling in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the container would likely contact the lower baffle plate 230 and be redirected back down.

The term safety baffle or overhead safety baffle defines the structure which is used to restrict fired bullets over to backstop and side berms to smaller areas than would otherwise be. possible without them. Safety baffles differ significantly from sound baffles, which are designed to absorb or redirect sound waves.

A parked car bomb has killed 17 and wounded another 32 civilians leaving a gaping crater in a busy square in central. Windows were shattered and benches lay toppled outside. Shrapnel scattered 200.